Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson is the author of 'Knight'; a deeply evocative novel, set in the last days of the Age of Chivalry.
It is the story of a king's champion, who, robbed of the love and beauty of the woman who had made his life complete, and stripped of all he had worked for and achieved, still found the strength to pick himself up and move forward again and, in the process, carry a king to victory on the battlefields of France.
'Knight' is a work of brutality and tenderness, of love and loss, and, ultimately, of hope.

'Knight' is available directly from Troubador Publishing in both hard-cover and paper-back [click appropriate link] and as an eBook from Amazon, Apple iBookstore, WHSmith, Waterstones, Kobo, Barnes&Noble (Nook), Sony, ebooks.com, Google.
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Copyright © 2013 I R Anderson Background: Alton Towers Castle, Staffordshire, England (watercolour, 1870)